Thursday, October 30, 2008

Magnolia Stamps are awesome!

So Tuesday night we made a card using Magnolia Stamps! I love that little girl. There are so many to choose from, but we had decided we wanted to do birthday cards, I was making one for my daughter who is turning 29!!!! Love you Erica, and Brenda was making one for her friend. We made the exact same card except she made her girl with black hair.

Next month we will be working on Holiday cards. So get ready and come and have fun as we try and get a jump on the Holidays.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

This is the class that almost didn't happen.

I want to again thank Tammey for her class and I told her that I scrap lifted her idea and of course I tried to make it my own by doing some changes to it and so here's what we came up with.

I had gotten quite sick over the weekend and when Sunday came, I still wasn't prepared for the class. By Sunday evening I was in so much pain, that we almost went to the hospital. Monday morning came and I still was not better and my class was only half started and I was in so much pain. I prayed that I would feel better and not have to cancel class, and that's just what happened, we had our class!

We were small in number as some were not able to make it and some were also sick, but we had two new, wonderful ladies attend, Gloria and Jamie, and we were able to complete our layouts. It took a little longer than planned and I just noticed that I spelled Pumpkin wrong on Gloria's layout, (sorry Gloria, we can fix that). These ladies did a wonderful job and created there own little scraplift right here and so as I took there pictures I got some ideas on how to finish mine, which I did today. Thanks girls for coming and for your inspiration and just for a fun evening, hope you can come back again. If you are in the area and want to come just email me and we'd love to have you. We try to keep the class size down to about 7 or 8 so we can get the layouts done and have a good time, so come on over and let's scrap it!

Scrapping Tuesdays

Well we were small in number this week, but that's ok, we both were able to finish our project and had fun at the same time. This week we made the Christmas tree card that I took in one of my online classes, (thank you Clarice). It was just Brenda and myself, so Brenda made two cards and I will make mine later. So here's the samples of her cards. Sorry pic came out a little blurry.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Chris Stamp!

So how do you like my stamp that I made of my son? I bought the Justrite Stamp, and created an outline of my son and now I have a stamp that I am going to use to make a layout with. I am also going to use it for some of the fundraisers that we do, it will save on a lot of ink that I use when I have to print his picture out.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday George

So my wonderful husband turned 55 this past Sunday and I had gotten him a present but forgot the card so at midnight, I made him a quick little shirt card with my little love note on the inside..what do ya think?

Eileen or I lean

So our 3 legged little kitten has a new name, and she thinks she is taking over the house. She has been in the kids diaper bags, in their car seats, and playpen, and now she is in the Halloween treats. She is adorable and a lot of fun to watch her run around.

Scrap Night

So we started our first scrapping night last week. We had 9 very fun and funny ladies of all ages. I think everyone had a great time even if the teacher goofed on the project directions:) Our first night we made little cookie gift boxes with peek a boo window in it. Each box had it's own little personality, just like the ladies.

Monday evening, I had only one attend and I had planned a 15 photo/journaling page layout. Of course if you know me, I ended up altering the layout. If you notice, some of you may say, "that's the page she made last week!" and you would be correct. I didn't quite like the page and still had a few pictures that went with it and didn't want to do a two page layout, and thanks to one of my online yahoo classes and instructor, she showed us how to make a page that could hold up to 15 photos. So you can see how I did mine.The red card stock is adhered to the 12x12 and there are photos on the front and inside of this piece of cardstock. If I had followed the original layout, there would be 9 3x5 photos or journaling on the 12x12, 3 3x5's on the front and inside page, totaling 15 photo layout, now how cool is that?

Penny worked on her cruise photos...she just returned from the Bahamas!!!! We used the Cricut to create a title, which was the name of the boat they were on the SENSATION. Her page came out really cute. I think she was very pleased.

On Tuesday, again I only had one guest for the evening and we made a Card Secretary. I made a slight mistake forgetting to tell her to get double sided cardstock, but it came out really cute. We had a fun evening of laughing and chatting. Of course we didn't get the project finished so next week we will be making the 6 cards, and tags to go on the inside of the Secretary and label her address book and stamp holder. I think Toni did a really nice job.

So if you are interested in coming to either classes, Monday's are page layouts and Tuesdays are more of a crafty, cardmaking, class, please email me at Please do not send me forwards to that acct though as I have gotten a virus from a forward and lost my whole computer.