Sunday, March 29, 2009

Srap Mania Weekend

So this past weekend, I had the privilege to be a part of the Scrapbook Mania Weekend. We had about 17 to 20 ladies there working on different projects. We had some unbelievably good food. There was a class that was offered for a Winter themed accordion book. There were door prizes about every hour and grand prize was won by Rebecca...Congratulations!!!!
I think everyone there had a great time, I know I sure did. Here are a few pictures that I got to take when I wasn't busy cutting with my Cricut or working on my layouts or stuffing my face :) Thanks to Lisa and Bev and all those who helped to make it a great weekend.

If you have a Criuct, here is the best tool for you to add, as this enables you to cut any true type font(ttf), most jpegs, bmps, pngs, dingbats etc.
It also allows you to weld giving you great opportunities to create fabulous layouts and cards. Just click on the link and get more information.

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