Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Layout

http://scutfiles.blogspot.com/ If you click on this link, you will see some of the files I’ve been working on for all you who own SCAL or MTC. If you are looking for a certain cutout, let me know and I will do my best to create it for you. Or if you need a title, or scripted title, I love working on these files.

Last week we did a birthday layout. These came out really cute…I want to give a shout out to Lisa, who makes some of the greatest cutout files…I love using her cuts. Hoping to use more of them in the future. I think I own just about every one of them that she made.

IN these layouts we used eyelets, paper piecings, chalking and tearing, glitter glue and embossing…also used ribbon to create a dimension in our layout, a nice way to draw the eye to your photos and create blocking in your layout.

On to the photo’s: Enjoy!

100_5433 100_5462 100_5463 100_5466 100_5464 100_5461 100_5460

Using Chipboard in our Layouts

This weeks class, we were using chipboard and applying different techniques in decorating them. Some of the different ways to embellish chipboard, is cover them with patterned paper, painting them, inking/chalking them, and embossing them…Some ways we didn’t do last night are, covering them with fabric, ribbon, felt, micro beads, glitter and there are many other ways to embellish chipboard. So don’t be afraid to include this neat little gadget to your layouts. Remember if you don’t have chipboard available, you can always glue several layers of cardstock together to desired thickness…and with the Cricut, it will always line up :) In our layouts we used some flourish chipboard and flower chipboards, I hope you like the layouts that the girls made last night. I will add my layout as soon as I finish printing my photos, so you can see a completed page.

Don’t forget to check out my other blog where I’ve been working hard to get new cut files up for all of you who have SCAL or MTC.



100_5484 100_5485 100_5482

This layout above and below is from our new student Anne…we welcome her to our class…and she fit in perfectly, yup she did her own little layout…great job and Welcome to Scrapbooking!


100_5479 100_5481 100_5477 100_5476

100_5475 100_5474

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas Elves


A couple of weeks ago, we tackled a paper piecing that had many little pieces…but the girls never waivered…they did such a great job. We did a few things that we hadn’t done before, like splitting a page so it was on both pages…we did this by splitting our tree in half as well as our star. We chalked all pieces and then glued them together. I find the easiest way to glue such small pieces is to use a Ziggy 2 way pen. As you can see the girls put their own little touches to these pages, I really like how they make them their own…I tease them a lot about not doing my layout, but it is nicer to see them use their creativity and make it theirs. I hope you enjoy this layout that my ladies, and our young girl did….be sure to leave comments.

elf layout elf layout 1

elf layout 2

I will try and get the rest of the layouts posted as soon as I get their pictures. I have a bad habit of forgetting to bring my camera, want to send a Big Thank You to Gail for taking pictures for me that night and sending them to me so I could post them.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cards my friend Norma made....oh I love her work!

Here are some cards that my really good friend made...she is a very talented lady...I think creativity is totally in her blood. I hadn't seen her for quite some time, and was so happy to see her at our last Scrapmania Weekend. She has gone through quite a lot in the past few years so I was more than happy to buy these beautiful cards from her...I am hoping she won't mind if I scraplift some of her ideas, but just like the ladies from my scrapbooking class, I will change it a little :) I hope you enjoy seeing her cards and maybe you too  will scraplift and make some. Love you Norma!

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