Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another Beach/Pool page with adorable penguins

This weeks class ended up being on a Tuesday evening because my beautiful baby girl had her 20th birthday on Monday and wanted to spend the day with me without my having to leave to teach a class, so I thought that was pretty sweet of her. But guess what? As the day went on, she received an invite from a friend she hadn’t seen for a while to go to dinner, so I told her to go and have fun. So class took place on Tuesday evening and it was a reunion of sorts. Our friend from Florida is up for the summer and her and her daughter who lives here both came, and another dear friend who hasn’t been for a while also came, and of course one of my regulars came and so we had a wonderful evening and everyone’s pages came out beautiful.

I hope you enjoy seeing our pages, and how when made with different paper and rearranging the layout, each taking on their own personalities. Enjoy :)


Jamie had some beautiful Close to my Heart paper that she used. I love this paper.


These next few layouts are Nina’s, Annette’s and Rubies, here we used photo copied cardstock for our mats. This paper came out of a pack and we didn’t have enough for everyone so we photo copied it!



Usually we chalk or ink all our pieces but this week we only did a little on our tree and used micro black pens and a white gel to add some detail to some of our pieces…they came out so cute, and the added little extra was some hemp for the bow on the bathing trunks, it just added that little extra.


Our Palm trees were missing the coconuts…and so with a pair of scissors, not the Cricut, the girls cut these cute coconuts and added it to the layout…how cool is that?

These cuts were made using Myscrapchick penguins…I own everyone of their files! Literally! I used the Make the Cut software to do all of our cuts. I love this program. Learning new things everyday on what it can do.




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