Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snowman Spoon Ornaments

These are spoons that I have been painting for over 3 to 4 years. My husband thought I had lost it when I started painting them, he thought I should be painting other things than "spoons". However, my first craft show, I had painted about 120 spoons and sold out in less than 2 hours, and so when I went home, my husband was speechless, he just shook his head. I painted 75 more that evening and sold all but 6 the next day. Since then I have now sold approximately 1000 spoons all over...some have gone to Germany, Switzerland, and even China, plus all over the US. I only do crafts once a year for the Thanksgiving weekend, and this is one of my most popular items, plus my handpainted lightbulbs. Which I will post later. All proceeds from these go to a scholarship in my son's memory.
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Snowman Suitcases




Here are some of my suitcases that I have painted. These are great for storing leftover wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbon, tags, lights etc. If I get a chance I will also post my trunk that I painted. Oh I love this, I keep it out all year long. If I must say so myself, I did a really good job, especially if you could have seen it before. The inside of the trunk is in really good condition so it's been a nice piece of furniture that I have.
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Baby word book

This was an experiment using my new deep cut blade. One thing that I definitely learned is that your mat needs to be very sticky. I tried a Pazzle material mat, and oh yeah that was super sticky, but not made for chipboard. So in case you don't know what happened...well let's put it this way, the Pazzle mats are so sticky, that I could not remove the chipboard from the mat, so I had to throw it all away.
Next I tried putting some ZigZag on my mat. I waited about 20 minutes to half hour and then placed my chipboard on it...it stuck really well, and it cut beautifully. So this is just a rough book, cause my ink didn't dry and smudged and I was experimenting also with the Bind it All...Dan has a wonderful tutorial on his site and that helped a lot in making my book.
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2009 Desk Calendars

So I found this website that you can download calendars from and the money that you donate goes to support people suffering from Hodgkin's.

On my first calendar, I used little cliparts from my Cricut like snowflakes from Christmas Cheer, mittens, flowers, a turkey, even words, like Merry Christmas. My other calendars are going to have small pictures on them for my family for chrismas. The download also offers a page so you can keep track of your appointments, birthdays and other important dates. I like these calendars because they don't take up much space and at the same time they are very attractive.
Here's one that my friend Toni made, she is going to put pictures inside hers, and then mine follow.

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snowman treat bags


So here are my snowman treat bags that I am making to help raise money for this years scholarship fund in memory of our son, Chris. I think I will do some editing to them because when I paint snowmen, I love doing the highlights and the other little touches on them. I also think I need a tag that says either Merry Christmas and or Happy Holidays. My son and I, we are going to surprise his girlfriends little sister with these and some cute little snowman wrapper candy bars for her birthday party...it will be fun making these with my son.
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Jack Frost

Monday night we worked on this project. It is actually a very easy layout to create. Circles to create the snowman, torn or cut paper for the snow on the ground, and we used the cuttlebug dots for some of the mats to just add a little dimension. We also did some embossing on the snowflakes, and glitter on the letters and to make the ground glisten.
Hope you like this layout that we made.
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