Monday, September 29, 2008

Christopher Hiscoe Scholarship Fundraiser

Hi Everyone,
Well I know some of you may or may not know that next Thursday, October 9th will be the 7th year that Chris has been gone. It's so hard to put the years on paper, as somedays, it still feels like yesterday.

Anyhow, when Chris died, a friend of his(Mark) had told us that Chris was so looking forward to Halloween that year, and that it was his favorite time of year, (I never knew that)!
His friend told us that Chris had said, "What other time of year can you go to a perfect strangers house, and go up and knock on the door and ask for candy!" (That was my boy! :)

So I thought I would try and do something in his memory this Halloween and this his 7th year anniversary and raise money for the scholarship fund. Every year, our family has given to the area schools from our own monies, and for a few years we received a grant from WalMart, that we so appreciated as it enabled us to give to just about everyone that applied those 2 years.
We never knew about doing fundraisers until a few years ago. We tried a few but we weren't too good at it, so for the most part my daughter Erica and myself, we would save to give to area students who were pursuing further education.
I have done craft shows every year, where I put the profits away to give for that years students. In the past 6 years, I think we have given to approximately 23 to 27 students. I should know how many but I hate to admit it, but I'm getting older and more forgetful:)

So here's how you can order:
Frankie w candy corn $2
Frankie w M&M's $2
Frankie w choc/peanut butter fudge (yum) $3.50

Bride w candy corn $2
Bride w M&M's $2
Bride w Fudge $3.50

Pumpkin w candy corn $2
Pumpkin w M&M's $2
Pumpkin w Fudge did I say (Yum) $3.50

Ghost w candy corn $2
Ghost w M&M's $2
Ghost w Fudge $3.50

So all you have to do is email me at and send me your order and then you can either pay me through Paypal, and I will send you an invoice, and if you need shipping, I will send you the fee to ship, or if you live locally, you can stop by the week of Halloween and pick your order up.
I also want to thank Dawn from stampin up with the Frankie Card design and I can't remember the other lady that made the treat bag, but thank you also for the idea of making a treat bag.

Phil 4:8 was Chris's favorite verse and I must say that I have to meditate on this verse often and thank God for the wonderful memories He has given me through Chris's life and through his friends and most of all, his brother and his sisters, and how my children have blessed my life.