Saturday, November 15, 2008

My new favorite embellishment

So two weeks ago, I had to go to Portland to pick up our son who went out to IWU to visit his sister at college(Indiana Wesleyan University). I went a day early so I could visit with my brothers and also to go to Michaels and AC Moores. I was so excited because where I live, we do not have these wonderful craft stores where you want to stay for hours and just look at all the neat ideas and tools to make them with. So I bought a few things at each store...then I came home and started to play.
The next evening I was online and found this product called Flowersoft...I thought...hmmmm I should get some, it looks pretty neat. When it arrived, I thought it was different but really wasn't sure if I liked it...but then came the magic. I had to make a Christmas card really fast to be mailed in the morning and I had just purchased a Christmas tree stamp at our LSS "SCRAPS" (hi Bev, Lisa, love ya) and when I colored it, something was missing, it just didn't pop and I thought good time to try that new stuff I bought so I pulled it out, (mind you, it is 12:30 pm.) I put the glue down where I thought the Flowersoft should be and this is what happened to my card...I have to say...I loved it! Let me know what you think.

Tag it

Tonights pages were to create a layout and implement tags to it...I must say Gloria added the most tags on her layout. For me it was a challenge and I still haven't completed mine yet, but both Toni and Gloria finished there that evening...Gloria was able to add pictures to hers and Toni will add them later and we will retake pics to show you hers with the pictures. The colors that the girls chose were quite unique...Toni's layout is soft and Gloria's layout is fun, which is just what her pictures say, the ladies had a good time and so why not make the layout evolve around having fun.

Friday, November 14, 2008

12 Minute Layout

This week we did a double layout that took only 12 minutes to put together. Yup, you read right, only 12 minutes to create the spread, then you can do whatever you want to embellish your layout. So here is one of the layouts that Toni finished. I must say, my lil skunk is quite adorable, he's a little one that I take care of every week. I sure do love that boy. This is his mom's layout that she did, I think she did an awesome job.
We used the Cricut to create the title, candy corn and our little skunk. Paper was torn with the tear ruler (not sure what you call it). Really simple layout turned out great and we had a wonderful time creating them.

We will add Gloria's and my layouts at a later date, we wanted to put the pictures on ours before we posted them.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Snowman Slider Card


This weeks class was so much fun, because if you like snowmen than this was the place to be. We made this adorable Snowman slider card, when you tip the card, the snowman's head rolls to the other end of the is so cute! In the window it has a little saying "Some of my best friends are flakes!" Hope you like it.
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