Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boy N Boot

So with my favorite software, MTC, I tried my hand at making a cut file from a photograph…after 8 hours of working on it…here is my first attempt (mind you, I couldn’t find my glasses so my faces are a tad, lets say not so great) :(


And this is my second attempt…still need a little more work to get it to where I will like it. Feel free to leave your comments.


I think if I can fix my head, I will be very happy with the rest of it, thanks for looking!

Another Monday night making cards

Here’s some cards that one of my younger girls made and allowed me to take pictures of her cards to share with all of you. She did a very good job…be sure to comment below and let her know how good she did. Enjoy!



Make a card Monday

So we had another Monday night class with 7 wonderful ladies, and 2 sweet younger ladies attending…each one making a few beautiful cards. Our first card of the evening was a scraplift that I saw, and modified it a little with files that I already had, and then I had to even change them a tad to make it the way I liked it, using Make the Cut software, (have I said lately how much I love this program)?

So our first card of the evening was entitled “Snail Mail”, a perfect card for those of us who procrastinate and forget to mail that birthday card or if you always send email, how about a card for that special someone, cause we all know a card in the mailbox would be a great pick me up! Enjoy!

Snail Mail

100_6293 100_6296


100_6302 100_6301

100_6307  100_6311

100_6314 100_6315


Our second card of the evening was supposed to be using a technique called “faux bleaching”. It is a really neat technique, however, I thought when it called for glossy cardstock, I thought the writer meant photo paper. Although embossing on photo paper is really pretty, it didn’t work for what I was trying to accomplish. So we decided to table that card for another week and we did a fall card, still using Tim Holtz reinker dyes. We used the Maple Leaf Cuttlebug die cut/embossing folder, photo paper and reinkers. Sentiments for the cards were picked from a variety of stamps that our dear friend Ruby had brought with her…she is a Close to my Heart demonstrator and she has hundreds of beautiful stamps. So enjoy our cards as each one came out a little different.

100_6295 100_6294

100_6297 100_6298

100_6303 100_6305


100_6306 100_6309


100_6310 100_6313 100_6316 100_6312

100_6319 100_6318


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Laugh Scrapbook Layout

So I found some pictures and when I looked at them, they made me just start laughing, so I thought, I needed to scrap them and that just had to be my title…I hope you enjoy!

On this layout, I wanted to do a class with no paper piecings, a title that was fun and easy to do page for even a beginner and yet still be very eye catching. We used a crimper on the title giving it the corrugated appearance, the title was cut using MTC software or if you have SCAL it can be done with that also, and we placed journaling blocks above our photos, and then the girls were to add their own embellishments to the page.  Let me know what you think…we love to read your comments.

100_6232 100_6233 Hoping to post my layout and maybe a couple of the other girls layouts on here soon. I hope you like this one that Anne N. made…love her embellishments!


So this summer has been pretty busy for me and an emotional one. So jumping back into my classes is really helping me.

Some of you may not know, but my mom passed away in June. It was a very difficult time for all of us as she had only been not feeling well for a few weeks. Actually, she had been recovering from 2 strokes that she suffered about a year and a half ago, but she was doing so well.  I thank God that I was able to make it their (to Florida) and spend just  4 1/2 hours with her before she passed from this world to her Heavenly home. I miss her so much, but I know she is with the Lord she loved and with her sons and also my son and I know that one day I will see them all again.

So with the summer months, we have really slowed down as far as classes as everyone is busy, but with that said I have had a couple of my faithful ladies want to keep going and so we have done some cards and crafty projects, also a few layouts. We’ve been doing the classes right here in my home as I never know if there will be 2 ladies or 8…so it makes it nice to be here and have everything right at hand!

This week we did two projects! We made a card accordion box  which can hold several types of cards, such as Hello, Thinking of You, Thank You, Happy Birthday, Sympathy, the box holds up to 4 tab dividers and probably could hold about 8 to 10 cards. We also made a sunset card using inking techniques and a brayer, adding a stamped image and sentiment, as well as piercing and brads. So I hope you like our projects. Enjoy!



So I was trying to get the pictures online tonight so you could see what we’ve been making, unfortunately, I didn’t have good lighting so you can’t see the detail on the cards, but they came out so good, and then on my cardbox, I decided to added a button to the one on the right to dress it up a little, and it wasn’t quite dry and just as I snapped the picture, the button started to slide off. So luckily it was still holding on when I snapped, it sits in the middle of the front pannel, and I added some natural hemp to the middle of the button, it really added detail to it. Enjoy!

Last weeks class, we also made two cards that were not only beautiful, but fun to make…I have one lady, who the past 2 weeks has said “I think this is the most beautiful card I’ve ever made” and then this week, she finished her card and again said, ““I think this is the most beautiful card I’ve ever made” too funny…love having her and the encouragement to keep on learning and sharing with all of them. So I hope you enjoy our cards!

Window frame card.


Easel Card






100_6235 100_6234 100_6241