Friday, November 14, 2008

12 Minute Layout

This week we did a double layout that took only 12 minutes to put together. Yup, you read right, only 12 minutes to create the spread, then you can do whatever you want to embellish your layout. So here is one of the layouts that Toni finished. I must say, my lil skunk is quite adorable, he's a little one that I take care of every week. I sure do love that boy. This is his mom's layout that she did, I think she did an awesome job.
We used the Cricut to create the title, candy corn and our little skunk. Paper was torn with the tear ruler (not sure what you call it). Really simple layout turned out great and we had a wonderful time creating them.

We will add Gloria's and my layouts at a later date, we wanted to put the pictures on ours before we posted them.