Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cocoa Cozy Layout

Here is another layout that I did a couple of weeks ago, I can’t remember the name of the site I got it from, I think I posted it in a previous post, so you can look back there and see where I got it, she has some really cute and easy to put together layouts. On this layout, used part of a file from http://treasureboxdesigns.com/  (the chocolate sticks)and some I just used my favorite software MTC to create..…the mug and snowflakes, and the whipped cream. I don’t thing the picture does it justice as far as being able to see the details in the cuts with inking or chalking the pieces. This would be an adorable layout to add pictures of your kids sitting watching their favorite Christmas movie or when they’ve come in from the cold with red noses and cheeks and sipping some hot chocolate. Enjoy!


Believe Layout

Here is another layout that I found online and of course, I did a little of my own touches to it….In my opinion, I think it is a very attractive, soft layout, yet with that said, it is also very “Christmassy” I hope you like this layout…I made all of the pieces in my favorite software Make the Cut. I want to be sure to give her credit…I think her name is Outnlimb..and I have done a few of her layouts these last couple of weeks because they are quick and easy to do…of course I make my own files to cut, I just use her picture for the ideas of the layout.


IMG_5048  Make the Cut is just about to make their new improved update and you are going to absolutely love the new features…they are adding lattice, and rhinestone, for all you cardmakers this is an absolute awesome feature, it’s great for us scrapbookers as well…There is also going to be add text or object warping to another object…this is such a neat addition as well, a wonderful addition to us who do vinyl decor. Another added feature to be added is to be able to set our mats into the Cricut and our paper being set as portrait! I have asked for this feature for quite sometime and I know it was a little bit of tweaking for Andy to do and he wasn’t a big fan of adding this feature, but there were many of us who liked this and we thank you Andy for adding it. There are a few more features coming that I will share with you as soon as the updates come out. If you haven’t gotten this software yet, you may want to get it soon while it is still on sale. I can’t believe how long they have left it at this low, low price but even if the price does go up, it is an awesome program to have and use with your Cricut or whatever cutter you maybe using.

Don’t forget to also check out Lettering Delights as they have started adding svg files and they have 2 free files for you just to try. I love it…I was a little confused at first, but when you bring the file into MTC you just spit the pieced, then go to your layer box, click on the box that it is in, and right click and send each piece to their own layer, and voila!!!! you are all set to set your colors and cut. Enjoy!