Saturday, March 12, 2011

Make the Cut 3.2.1

When you download the MTC, or purchase it, Save the installation file to your computer rather than running it. Once the downloadable file is Saved to your computer, you can copy that saved installation file to your external drive, to a thumb drive, or to a CD, etc. Now if you ever need to install the current software on another computer, and this version is no longer available for sale or download, you will have it. Give the file a unique name when you save it. I usually name mine by the version number and/or date.  That way I know exactly which version I am using.

Do not do any updates on your Make the Cut or on your firmware until you have checked with either me or the  Make the Cut forum.

I hope this is helpful for anyone wanting to download this software. It is still the best one out there and Provo Craft is not very bright by preventing the sale of this software, and I hope it reflects in the sale of their product. I for one am already saving for the new Blackcat Cougar..(I think that’s what it is called) or a Gazelle. I will not allow PC to dictate how I use my cutter.

Print N Cut using Make the Cut

Make the Cut is one of the best programs out there! I use Make the Cut for all my scrapbooking and cardmaking projects. Below you will find a tutorial video that I made a while ago showing you how I do my print and cut with my Cricut using Make the Cut. It is a little different than how some people do it, but it is very accurate and you only have to print the colors you need, the size you need or the pattern you want without putting a whole 12x12 piece of paper on your mat or cutting one up when you only need a little piece of it and then having to store it. I also love Lettering Delights for my pattern papers, I have learned another little trick to make it work better so be watching for a new tutorial in the next few weeks when I get back home. I am currently staying with my dad in Florida, where he is beginning taking Chemotherapy. I would accept all prayers on his behalf as it has been a very difficult time for him, losing our mom in June and now him finding out he has Cancer just before they were to do heart surgery…so now that’s on hold and we will deal with the Cancer first.

This is a repost of my first tutorial I did on Print and Cut

So recently Provo Craft introduced their brand new Cricut Imagine on HSN, and I for one thought I had to have it. I liked the concept of being able to have my cuts already colored, shadowed and even patterned and ready to go. I had my Cricut Imagine in the shopping cart…but I really believe God had a different plan for me. You see a year ago, someone stole my identity and tried to purchase items for HSN, Apple store and Reebok…luckily for me, I checked my bank account first thing in the morning and found my account had been emptied, and not only mine but my husbands and daughters as well as me owing the bank over $400. If I hadn’t checked my account that morning, that crook may have gotten away with it, but I was able to call HSN and let them know it wasn’t me placing the order. Apparently because of that, there was a block placed on any orders being shipped to my address, which would require me speaking to a customer service representative. So when I placed my Imagine in my cart, it wouldn’t let me complete the purchase, and so I called and was told it could take up to 7 days to have this straightened out. Well by that time, the price went up about $100! I was not going to pay that much when I already have a Cricut. Plus the Imagine will not work with Make the Cut or Surecutsalot ! I use those programs for all my cuts, I just couldn’t go back to cartridges! So I said there has to be a way for me to be able to do the same idea with what I already have…so I purchased a HP wide format printer, and played with a couple of ideas…with that said, Make the Cut will soon have an awesome update where we will be able to do print and cut almost exactly like the Imagine…I can’t wait, but in the meantime here is my version. Enjoy!