Sunday, October 31, 2010

Make The Cut! Beta 3.0 -- New Features


This is so exciting, it’s what I’ve been telling you about…you are going to love all these new features…I will be doing a tutorial after I attend my class on Tuesday…so excited. Doing the Happy Dance :)

Interface Face Lift
-> New Icons (Thank you:
-> Gear icon removed, Import Toolbar added
Print and Cut Support
-> WYSIWYG Printing - Shapes will print exactly where you see them on the mat enabling accurate Print And Cutting
-> Show paper on mat option - Shows what paper is currently selected in the default printer
-> Print Registration Marks - Prints the bounding corners of the shapes (for laser alignment)
-> Enhanced Wireframe printing - You can allow multi-cut and blade/knife offset (for cutters with Print Spooler support)
Textures - You can now import textures to fill shapes on the mat. Textures are stored within the MTC file when saving
-> Textures work with PNG Export and Printing giving your creations a "digital scrapbooking" element of design
-> You can rotate, scale, tile and offset textures giving textures unlimited look and feel
Full Boss Kut Gazelle support - Look for the option under the "Cut Project With..." menu
CUTOK drivers added - Full driver support for Boss Kut Gazelle (Help >> Advanced >> Download and Install...)
Full Black Cat Cougar support - Look for the option under the "Cut Project With..." menu
Pages - A project can have unlimited pages within itself (right-click on page tab for many options)
New Shape Magic Options
-> Rotate 90 Degrees Clockwise
-> Blackout - Removes all child shapes from parent shape
-> Lattice - Creates a custom lattice and fills selected shapes with lattice (inverse lattice as well)
-> Rhinestone - Converts a shape's path to circles to create Rhinestone pattern templates
-> Bezier Warp - Added Save/Load presets
-> Shadow Layer Updated
-> Shadows up to 1/2" (previously 1/4" max)
-> Inset Shadows - Creates an inner shadow instead of an outter shadow
-> Blackout Shadows - Creates a shadow with no inner child shapes
File>>Open/Save now has a preview window so you can see what you are opening
Selection Properties Updated - You can now type in percentages, mm, cm and fractions... conversion to imperial is automatic
Align and Spacing Upgraded - You can now align/space shapes based on the shape's actual bounding rectangle
FTDI D2XX driver update - Now can handle x64 machines properly
Zoom Presets - Located in "View" menu
Custom UI Shape Colors - Located in "View" menu
Tracing Updated - Allows original image to be used as output Texture and offsets it properly
TWAIN shut off - If users are having problem with TWAIN working, uncheck this option to shut TWAIN off (Help >> Advanced >> Activate TWAIN)
"Creep" issue with Cricut devices has been fixed
Bilinear Warp - Holding Control key while performing Perspective Warp will now warp bilinearly
Circles on Mat option - For the Cake people
Reverse Shape Order - New menu option in the Layers menu
PDF Import Update - In the PDF file dialog, there is an option to import Strokes, Fills or both
Fuse-n-Weld - Takes shapes which do not have fully connected lines and connects them (Great for DXF->SVG conversions)
Nodes On Mat Update - Shows Bezier handles
Right-Click Menu Update - Shows "Change Color/Texture" and "Export" menus
SVG Fix - Open paths will now stay open on import
"Your Shapes" from Basic Shapes now import at the size exported
Blade/Knife Offset Algorithm - Added to Wireframe Printing, Cougar and Gazelle. Cricut can not handle offsetting properly due to low hardware DPI.

So be sure to get your update,If you haven’t already purchased it you can download your MTC here and then go here for your update Click here to download the 3.0 Beta of Make The Cut!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Cricut Cartridges!

So Provo Craft has announced 6 more new cartridges coming out soon. Some are “I gotta have” cartridges and some I’m a little disappointed in while others are excited about them. I was very disappointed in the Car Decal. There isn’t anything on that cartridge that I’d want to put on any of our vehicles, but I’m sure, there are some who will think this is an awesome cartridge…but how many of those images are you actually going to use?

Now Paper Lace, this is a very nice cartridge and I have seen some already cool projects made with this cartridge…I think this one will be a great cartridge to get…especially for cardmakers.

Sesame Street Seasons, I think it’s an adorable cartridge. It wouldn’t be my first pick, but it’s got potential. I know it would be cute on some layouts, but again, I was thinking of a couple of card ideas that would be cute with some of those images.

Quarter Note, is also a nice cartridge, but again, how many times will you use it? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but once I cut that Saxophone, that I need for my son’s layout, what else will I use that cartridge for?

That’s why I like Make the Cut and Scal, because if I only need an item I can purchase just the one item or create it myself. I can’t say enough about these two wonderful softwares. With these softwares available, it makes scrapbooking possibilities, endless. I have done so much more since acquiring these softwares. The reason why I say these, is because I originally started with SCAL, but I have to say, that I am only using Make the Cut now. I enjoy this program and yet I have used SCAL for some things as I can do a little better in that program than in Make the Cut, with that said, Make the Cut is my software of choice.

Paper Lace Cartridge

This cartridge features intricate paper cuts that are perfect as backgrounds, accents, or even focal points for your projects. You will also love the playful font that was designed to coordinate with the main designs.

Click Here for the .pdf handbook.



Wrap it Up Cartridge

Celebrate in style with the Wrap It Up cartridge! This present themed cartridge is filled with layered images for several occasions plus coordinating boxes, cards, and tags. It also contains fifty themed phrases with layers that you can add to layouts, cards, and other projects.

Click HERE for the .pdf handbook.

Sesame Street Seasons Cartridge

Celebrate the changing weather with the Sesame Street Seasons cartridge! This playful cartridge is filled with images of Elmo, Big Bird, Zoe, Grover, and other Sesame Street favorites as they have fun throughout the year. The cartridge also contains layered props and words in English and Spanish for every season!

Click HERE for the .pdf handbook.

Ornamental Iron Cartridge

Add a stately look and feel to your creative projects with the Ornamental Iron cartridge! The intricate gates and windows are perfect for creating sophisticated projects for weddings, family reunions, anniversaries, and other occasions. With coordinating fonts, this cartridge is a wonderful asset for your crafts.


Click Here for the pdf.

Car Decals Cartridge

Personalize the family vehicle with the Car Decals cartridge! This quirky cartridge is filled with whimsical images of family life such as riding bikes, participating in sports, and other activities. You can also use the icons, phrases, and font to decorate your car, windows, or creative projects to your liking.

Click HERE for the .pdf handbook.

Quarter Note Cartridge

Music lovers will absolutely adore the Quarter Note cartridge! This shape cartridge is filled with music themed images, phrases, and fonts. Whether you have a pianist, violinist, or other musician in your family, this cartridge is certain to meet your musical needs.

Click HERE for the .pdf handbook.

Halloween Ghost treat card and Hanging Out With Layout….

I saw this card on Kelly’s blog and thought it was the cutest little card and I made mine a tad bit different. It was a lot of fun…we did it Saturday morning as a Make and Take at SCRAPS in Houlton…Thank you Kelly for sharing your card with all of us here in Maine.

So here’s our version of Kelly’s card…I only had 2 cardmakers on Saturday, and one was I believe the youngest student we have had so far…He is only 6 years old and he made an adorable card. He definitely has talent, be sure to check out the layout he did on Monday night. Yup, he came back to our class on Monday evening and he did a fantastic job! It’s nice to see the creativity of these young kids. So enjoy our cards and our layouts.

Treat cup is from Stampin Up, stamp is from the G series and instead of heat embossing we just used the versa mark, to create some depth on our card. The ghost was cut from Make the Cut, the RiP was cut from Wild Cards cartridge.


This first layout was the color that I had originally planned to do, but once I had it on my table, I wasn’t sure if I liked it, so I kyboshed it and went with my second choice, which I will be posting below. When I had this paper on the table, a couple of the girls commented on the colors and so I decided to throw it together after all…this layout will be down to SCRAPS for sale for $12.00, all you have to do is add your own pictures and any journaling.

100_6470 100_6471  Isn’t this the cutest little monkey ever? Oops I just noticed I forgot to put the bows on this page, guess I best go do that right now :)

So here’s the page I did for the class, I think I like them both, what’s your opinion. We love to read your comments so please be sure to leave them. Thanks, Enjoy the rest of the girls/and young men’s layouts.

100_6466 100_6467


100_6469 100_6464 100_6465 



100_6460 100_6461

So here’s our youngest scrapbookers layout…way to go Collin!100_6458 


All the cut pieces in these layouts were done with svg files and cut with Make the Cut software.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Print N Cut

Make the Cut is one of the best programs out there! I use Make the Cut for all my scrapbooking and cardmaking projects. Below you will find a tutorial video that I made a while ago showing you how I do my print and cut with my Cricut using Make the Cut. It is a little different than how some people do it, but it is very accurate and you only have to print the colors you need, the size you need or the pattern you want without putting a whole 12x12 piece of paper on your mat or cutting one up when you only need a little piece of it and then having to store it. I also love Lettering Delights for my pattern papers, I have learned another little trick to make it work better so be watching for a new tutorial in the next few weeks when I get back home. I am currently staying with my dad in Florida, where he is beginning taking Chemotherapy. I would accept all prayers on his behalf as it has been a very difficult time for him, losing our mom in June and now him finding out he has Cancer just before they were to do heart surgery…so now that’s on hold and we will deal with the Cancer first.

This is a repost of my first tutorial I did on Print and Cut

So recently Provo Craft introduced their brand new Cricut Imagine on HSN, and I for one thought I had to have it. I liked the concept of being able to have my cuts already colored, shadowed and even patterned and ready to go. I had my Cricut Imagine in the shopping cart…but I really believe God had a different plan for me. You see a year ago, someone stole my identity and tried to purchase items for HSN, Apple store and Reebok…luckily for me, I checked my bank account first thing in the morning and found my account had been emptied, and not only mine but my husbands and daughters as well as me owing the bank over $400. If I hadn’t checked my account that morning, that crook may have gotten away with it, but I was able to call HSN and let them know it wasn’t me placing the order. Apparently because of that, there was a block placed on any orders being shipped to my address, which would require me speaking to a customer service representative. So when I placed my Imagine in my cart, it wouldn’t let me complete the purchase, and so I called and was told it could take up to 7 days to have this straightened out. Well by that time, the price went up about $100! I was not going to pay that much when I already have a Cricut. Plus the Imagine will not work with Make the Cut or Surecutsalot ! I use those programs for all my cuts, I just couldn’t go back to cartridges! So I said there has to be a way for me to be able to do the same idea with what I already have…so I purchased a HP wide format printer, and played with a couple of ideas…with that said, Make the Cut will soon have an awesome update where we will be able to do print and cut almost exactly like the Imagine…I can’t wait, but in the meantime here is my version. Enjoy!

Print and Cut with your Cricut

Trick or Treat Layout

Oh my goodness, this is like the cutest little layout we’ve done in quite sometime…I am so in love with these little characters. So after a week of straight cutting to prepare for the class, I cut 7 characters, a bee, dog, cat, ghost, pumpkin, dragon, bunny and trees, sidewalk, grass, house siding and of course a full moon!

On my layout, I haven’t decided if I am going to use any mats on my page, or just put my pictures on, so here is my layout without the mats…and if I add mats, I will retake the photo. As soon as the other girls email me their photos, I will post them.  Oh I almost forgot…I purchased and HP wide format printer and I absolutely love it…and I just found out that the ink is waterproof…so how exciting is that…my background paper was a print that I had purchased for a baby layout, and it was originally a pastel blue, I scanned it and played with my contrasts and colors and this is what I ended up with, can I say I love it! Yup I do!!!!! Please leave a comment if you like any of our pages.

I used Make the Cut and my Cricut for the cutting of this layout.

For now Enjoy!





Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Leaf Jumpin

So we are back on schedule with our classes resuming at SCRAPS! Tonight’s layout was a long the lines of a more primitive layout, with an old crow, prim sunflowers, prim colored papers, with chalking and using pen for added dimensions. I used MTC to create all the cuts for this layout. I used vinyl for the second page of the title “Jumpin” and on the first page, we used Maya Road spray mist to the green title “Leaf”, and on my layout I wanted to add just a little more, so when I got home I dug out my Copic markers and used my sprayer to add some more primitive/fall like colors onto my title. I really liked how it came out.

I forgot my camera again tonight :( so as soon as the girls email me their layouts, I will post them. Each one came out so nice, and I think this has definitely got to be the quickest class we ever had…we were done before 8 pm! Here is my layout: Enjoy!



Monday, October 4, 2010

FALL Layout

October 4th Class….Yay, it’s on :) Scrapbooking night at SCRAPS in Houlton. We have taken the summer off and a few of us met throughout the summer doing some layouts and cards and I think we had a really nice time getting together and sharing ideas. Since our break, I think there has been 2 Scrapmania’s and one retreat at Toni’s camp…so much fun getting together and scrapping, sharing some details of our lives, laughing, eating, crying, scrapping, eating ( oh did I say that already, it seems at everyone of these events, we have the best food ever) If you have never gone to a Scrapmania or a Retreat…you should…it is the most relaxing time ever and with great company with the same goals of getting some nice scrapbooking pages made.

Be watching for SCRAPS big announcement…it is so exciting, if you haven’t heard already….I think you will see some new and exciting things happening at our little store. So be watching.

Onto this week’s class…I want to thank Dina L…for her wonderful cut files. We have been working together to help turn them also into MTC files, making it easier for you to have all your pieces ready to cut, add paper, hit cut…how easy peasy is that?


Recipe for Fall layout:

4 Choc Chip Cardstock cut at 6 1/4 x 4 1/4

2 Green Cardstock (your choice) 6 x4

2 PP (your choice) 6 x 4

2 Choc Chip Cardstock 4 1/4 x 4 1/4

2 Cream or Tan or Lt brown 4 x 4

2 Cream or Tan or Lt Brown 3 x 11 3/4

2       “                        “ 4 1/2 x 11 3/4

2 PP ( your choice)   4 x 11 3/4

If you like the effects, I chalk all my pieces to add a little extra dimension to it. I leave about about a 1/4 inch border all the way around my layout, and in between the strips that I have on this layout. I used the Cuttlebug on my top borders, and my 4 x4  mats.