Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tic Tac holders and Heshey snowman candy wrappers





I made these for the kids at church..nothing fancy, kept it simple..they will probably just rip them open and not really pay any attention to all the work..but I made most of it on my I was pretty pleased with how they came out.
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Holiday Crafts





Here are some of my projects that I worked on for this year. Some were gifts and some were for the Holiday sale raising money for the scholarship fund. The shovel was for Sam's girlfriends parents. I had less than 3 hours to paint it so he could go to her house and get it wrapped. I had it all done, all it needed was the clear coat spray. I grabbed the can and went out to spray it, all of a sudden I screamed "Oh no!"...Sam came out and said "What's wrong"..I proceeded to tell him, that I had grabbed the wrong can, and that it was not clear coat but red paint!!!!! He couldn't believe it...we were running out of time..he said "can't you fix it?" Well I did what any mother would do, and did my best to repair the mistake I had made. So when he presented them the shovel, the white paint was more on the pinkish tone...oh well they liked it and enjoyed the story that went with it.

The lightbulbs have been a hit the last few years. Here are just a few of the ones I had left over..I sell these to raise money for the scholarship fund in our son's memory. I'm hoping to have some new ones next year.

Here is a Christmas clear bulb that I colored the inside with reds and greens and gold and then on the outside I tried an experiment of using embossing powder...came out pretty good, still have to work on this idea a little to keep it precise if making more than one for sale.
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The Christmas Caroler


My good friend Brenda had purchased the Christmas Caroler "The Salvation Army" caroler and it had a sign with the kettle, but when she brought it home, she couldn't find the she knew I had a Cricut and thought that maybe I could make a replica of the sign so she could give it to I think her MIL. So here's what I came up with...I didn't have much time to get the correct sizes, but I think it came out pretty good.
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Here is an update of our little kitty "Ilean" that we shared with all of you a few months ago. She is the precious little one that had lost her paw when she was born. As you can see, she is full of life and very mischievous as she climbs into our Christmas tree everyday..and pulls off the ornaments with her teeth and then pushes them all over the living room floor. She is a joy to have and also brings laughter into our home, what more can you ask for from this little one.
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Snowman Card


Here is the little card that I made for my daughter who is in China. I used my Cricut and Christmas Cheer and George cart. It was very easy to put together using design studio, I just welded my circle together to make the round card and used my scorpal to make the perfect fold. She got her package on Christmas Eve about cutting it close, but it just blessed my heart to know that she got our package to enjoy on Christmas.
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