Friday, July 31, 2009

Gone Fishing

I am so far behind on updating my blogsite...I should apologize to all my wonderful ladies who come and participate in our class. We have lots of fun and they are all very talented as you can see in their artwork as they create their own personalities in these layouts. I have so enjoyed working with them and learning new tools, techniques, and just watching their creative spirits at work...I hope you enjoy the following layouts..feel free to leave a comment, we'd love to know what you think.

My pages are done with the Cricut and Surecutsalot. The new Surecutsalot 2 is absolutely wonderful and just makes me love using my Cricut even more...they have totally opened the door on what we can cut with our Cricut and save us a lot of money as we may never have to buy another cartridge unless it's something we really, really think we must have and don't want to make our own cutouts. Be sure to checkout the website and see what the new improvements are.


If you own a Cricut, here is an excellent software that allows you to cut
any True Type font with your machine, as well as many cliparts and svg files. Now with SCAL2, you can convert simple jpegs or bmps into a cut file, and it is so easy.
There are thousands of files out there for you to download for free or for a small fee that you purchase and then you can cut them with your Cricut. I must say I use this software for almost every layout I have done. I actually use it more than my cartridges....but don't tell Provocraft :)