Friday, February 26, 2010


So I have been working hard trying to figure out a way to add videos for those of you who can’t make it to class and yet you get the kits. So I’m hoping this will work for now..unfortunately I can not edit the videos this way, I have a program that I’m going to try and learn so I can have the videos converted making them easier to upload, but for right now, I am using Youtube to upload my videos. So forgive any slips, tongue twisted mistakes I may make and for the dog barking or phone ringing that you hear. I’m hoping in the next few weeks to get it all worked out and have some nice videos for you. As always, Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stick Away and Stick & Spray

If you like this tutorial, please leave a comment…I am planning on doing more tutorials of different products that I like. I’m also planning on doing videos of my classes so that you can download them and make the layouts at your own convenience. Classes are $7 at SCRAPS in Houlton on Monday evenings…I offer a complete two page layout, with embellishments, cutouts etc. If you don’t live in the Houlton area and would like on of our kits…I would be happy to send you a complete kit with all the cuts and paper for $14. Be sure to let me know which kit you like, you can pay with Paypal…and I will send you a video link to the layout so when your kit arrives you can make it at your convenience!

As always Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Skier, skater and sledding page

So I tried something different tonight…I brought down 3 layouts so the girls could see them and pick which one they wanted to do…well they liked them all and so I guess they plan on making their own pages. So here’s the layouts the girls and I did…oh yeah…I fell so my skiing page got dirty so I have to do a remake on that one.


100_5549 Sorry the pictures didn’t turn out so good on my layouts, I wasn’t feeling well so I took them still in the album with no flash so you could get a look at them…I haven’t added my glitter or journaling..and no snowflakes yet.100_5551

100_5533 Brenda made two layouts..this is one, sorry I guess my picture came out too bright but you can see what a nice job she did on her page


100_5535100_5536 I love the colors of Mel’s layout…and again, as usual, my friends create their own pages, but that’s the beauty of scrapbooking isn’t it! Be sure to leave a comment…we love hearing what everyone thinks of our layouts.


100_5538 I’m so impressed with our new girl, Jane….she is doing so good at this…and look she even drew her face on her skier! You go girl! hehehheeh

100_5542 This is my little friend Heather, she is quite the little scrapbooker and she loves to help…she took the picture below…been teaching her how to use my camera. She made these pages with a little help from her mom.




So just in case you didn’t know we have classes every Monday evening, held at SCRAPS, downtown Houlton. Classes are at 6:30, and if you come a little early, you can shop before class, most of the girls purchase their paper for their layout just prior to class after they see my layout. If you can’t make it to class…I am now offering online classes on Wednesday evenings…you just need to have Yahoo messenger and add me dimahi59. Classes are $5 and if you need files, those are an additional $2.00. I try to design using all 3 software's, DS, SCAL and MTC

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Little Sweetheart

  Here is a scraplift that we used in our class at SCRAPS in Houlton.

We had 9 ladies plus myself at class which was a lot of fun…it is so neat to look at how everyone looks at my layout and yet they end up with something totally there own at the end of the evening! I hope you enjoy our “Sweetheart” layout.

We used Surecutsalot 2 for the cut my layout, I used Eskimos kisses pattern paper.                                                         

This is my layout…now check out the girls :)



Now for the girls layouts….First one is Brenda’s, for some reason her layouts have never gotten on my blog…I’ve taken her pictures, but I don’t know where they I want to be sure to recognize her and her talent in Scrapbooking and welcome her back to class….and Bren…you are looking GREAT!!!!

100_5520  100_5521

 100_5522 100_5523

100_5524 100_5525

100_5526 100_5527

The others will have theirs posted later as they would like to add their photos and show a completed layout…I hope you like these layouts…and please be sure to leave a comment…and if you are interested, I give live online classes on Wednesday evenings 6:30 EST, and you can get the file in SCAL or Make The Cut, or in Design Studio if you own the cartridge that was used to create this layout. And as always thanks for looking and Enjoy!

So I’ve been doing some online classes with different ones…and a friend of mine made this layout…she did a good job, especially since the internet wasn’t cooperating and she has 3 little ones…not sure if they were up or not when she did this, but she was able to complete her layout…Great job Becky!

ally swweetheart

ally sweetheart2

In case you didn’t notice…Becky kind of changed the layout!!!!  lol