Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lettering Delights

Well I just wanted to share a new website that I’ve come across and I am absolutely loving it…this site is awesome for getting backgrounds, textures, card templates, graphics, printables etc. You are going to want to check this site out. Many people have been going here with the new update on Make the Cut and the print and cut options, this company has a lot to offer. Their prices are very reasonable and they have so many graphics, fonts, cliparts to choose from. So be sure to keep checking back with them as they keep adding new downloads. I have been using their backgrounds for my scrapbooking pages, they print beautifully! I will be adding another tutorial on how I bring their backgrounds into Make the Cut and get a full 12 x 12 background (no white borders).
I am so excited, that my head is just spinning thinking of all the possibilities now available to us with the update to Make the Cut and this new website that others have shared with me…a huge thank you to Jin, who has been using their files and shared how she does her print and cut with Make the Cut. So check this site out, click on the link below.