Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some pages I haven’t posted :(

I don’t think I’ve posted some of these pages, so thought I’d try and do some updating today while I have some down time. Well I never really have down time…but I’m taking some time to try and catch up on some things I haven’t been able to do yet. So Enjoy!




My Son took his girlfriend to China to visit his sister who teaches over there. We were so excited and just couldn’t wait for the day he took her to the Great Wall…because….on that Wall is where he proposed to her and she said YES! So they came home as an engaged couple…we couldn’t be happier. Here are a few pictures that I scrapped. But, my son is a lot like his mother, they took many photos so it will be a while before I can get them all in a book…but this is a start. This was a kit that was predesigned, it’s not what I like to do, but it was handy, and I wanted to get a couple of pages of them in my album.





Here is one of the signs that I made with my friend Lauren for the craft show in November.


Here are some cards that we made for China

So my daughter was able to come home in February for a short visit and so we decided to make some Valentine cards for her basketball team players. It was a lot of fun doing this together and I’m anxious to hear how they liked them. We made only the face of the card using Make the Cut and my Gel pens and my Cricut…the dash lines were done on my Cricut using the pens…I think with more practice, it will be perfect next time. How I did this:  I took a rectangle and shrunk it small enough to make it  a thin dash and then did a wrap to object around a circle, then aligned the dash to the distance that I wanted it around the circle. I can’t wait for the next update for Make the Cut, because Andy is working on single stroke dashed lines which will be awesome to have for this type of use, I had a slight problem doing it the way I did it, because for some reason, in two spots around the circle the dashes are off, almost like they are doubled up, but when I checked it, they looked fine, so another way I could have done this, was to do Print and Cut, which would’ve worked also…but I wasn’t thinking Smile. Enjoy!





We made over 40 cards on that day…all very simple but nice cards using Make the Cut, Cricut, Gel pens, and printer!