Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here are some vinyl boards I’ve done

These boards are actually done on both sides…something different so if you get bored with one side of the board, Laughing out loud you can switch it to the other side for a while. Enjoy


Recent and past layouts

This week our kids class did a layout using the files from TreasureboxDesigns, her Flying High cut file…we did it using the PNC feature in Make the Cut and it was cut using my favorite machine, the Zing using the laser to help do the really nice cuts. I like doing the cut files this way now because it still gives you some dimensional to the piece and yet it is quicker to put together especially for kids and for some of my friends who either have poor vision or they have some arthritis…so this technique makes it really nice for them. The way I do it is I take the pieces and lay the on my virtual mat to form the body with the clothing, and having all the pieces on their own layer lie so…


If you notice, there are these little black marks at the top and bottom corners, these are registration marks. The laser on the Zing reads these marks and then cuts the pieces out. So once I print them…I then have to prepare it to be cut…this is how I do it…there may be easier ways, but I have found this to work for me. I select all the pieces, copy it, and then open a new page and paste the pieces on to the new page and I call this page my cut page…then with all the pieces still selected, I weld them…this way they are one shape…here is how I do it….


You will notice my registration marks are still in the same place. So hopefully you will give this a try, if you need any help you can email me at dimahi@hotmail.com and I will be more than willing to help you. Here is the completed layout…Oh, I also made my own mats using Make the Cut and using the kites from TreasureboxDesigns and just manipulating them on a colored background. I will be trying to do more of that in the days ahead…it came out pretty good for my first try. Enjoy!


Sorry for the poor quality, I’ve been using my Ipad or cellphone to capture pictures for our local scrapbooking store SCRAPS…if you ever need any supplies…she does ship and her prices are very good.

This past weekend our local scrapbooking store SCRAPS hosted another Scrapmania weekend where ladies can attend for a very small fee and scrap from Friday night to Saturday night. This was her first hosting of the weekend as she recently bought the store from Bev and Lisa who have put on this event for the past several years. So Jamie, she wanted to make it a special welcome to everyone and thank them for their past and present support of the store and SCRAPMANIAS by hosting a barbecue so with that idea in mind, she asked me if I would consider doing a layout for the girls to attend on Friday evening…so of course I looked through my files and again found another cute file from my favorite TreasureboxDesigns and I did another PNC, (because I can and I love it!) So here is our  layout that we made…hope you like it Smile Enjoy!


On this layout I did my own mats again using Make the Cut, the girls body was all one piece and we added the chefs hat, apron, top of the shoes, hands and utensils…and a nose…chalked and penned it. Hamburg is also one piece. 

Here is a quick shot of our easter layout using again TreasureboxDesigns  cut files…don’t you agree…they are so darn cute. This was not a true PNC…however I did print out the pieces, I chose the color I wanted, and then printed out on white cardstock, using my Zing and registration marks in Make the Cut, I was able to cut out my pieces. This may help in my not buying so much cardstock an paper…now I’m hooked on Digital paper and printing them out. I love Lettering Delights and Digi Scrapkits

Life just got too busy :)

I am so far behind on my blog, and I want to apologize to my followers as well as my friends who have attended my classes and like to check in and see what we’ve been up to.

As you can see, I haven’t made any posts since November! Yikes! Hoping to get some more time to be able to keep it up better and hopefully learning a few techniques to make it more informative to those who read it…example…if you like the layout, you will have the sizes you need to repeat the design.

I have been doing a lot of learning of new ideas and techniques. I got a brand new machine and I love it, it is called the ZING. I am especially loving the Print and cut feature using the built in laser and registration marks using the software Make the Cut. Both the software and the Zing compliment each other. The ZING cuts better than my old Cricut and a few other cutters I have owned. So I have been playing with it since November and I have to say, this machine is top notch. The cuts are as intricate as you need and can cut a wide variety of materials…if you aren’t sure if it will cut a material you have, they are more than willing to do test cuts for you.

Another thing that has happened and kept us very busy, is we have become Foster Parents to two young boys…this has been wonderful for me at times, and challenging at other times. I have fallen in love with them and hoping to give them all the love and attention they need till they can get back home with their parents.

So I will now try to update the last few months…thanks for checking out our blog and I hope you have a great day! Enjoy!