Friday, August 22, 2008


Here are our 4 little miracle kittens. "Kitten" who's real name is Ginger, had 7 kittens on Monday August 18th, but unfortunately only 4 survived. Then the rest of the story goes on....later that day we discovered that 3 kittens were entangled together and in their momma's tail also. We called the animal hospital, but it was just about closing time and she only offered advice by phone and would not see us. By morning one of the kittens paw was all black and limp. We went to the animal hospital and within 5 mins, all kittens were seperated, but we were given the news that the little calico would more than likely lose her paw. We would give it a day just in case circulation would reoccur, but it did we now have a 3 legged kitten. She is beautiful as you can see in the pics...she will remain one of our family. Her name is now Patches...she's adorable. As you will notice in the pictures they still get all tangled into each other...they are so close :)

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