Sunday, August 17, 2008

So I was on this website Paperjewels (I believe that's the name of the site) a few weeks ago and then this wonderful group that I just joined also shared this project so I thought I would share my first CD Photo Cube that I made for my baby girl Hannah who is headed off to Indiana Wesleyan University in August. So I thought I'd send her with family and friend pics for her desk where she could store her pens, and scissor and whatever else she will throw in there. After seeing this, my son Sam, who is in his second year at IWU, asked me if I would make one for his sweet girlfriend Kari for her in less than 2 hrs, I printed pictures and threw together a CD Cube for her...and now he'd like one for him with RedSox and Patriots for his bathroom and desk...go figure...I don't's kindof nice when they like something I make.

Here is the site that I originally got the design from..I must say that I had to enlarge the bottom base a little, about a 1/4" and I also used cardboard in my base covered with coordinating scrap paper. I then used liquid glass to glue it to the bottom and it doesn't show in these pics, but I also added it around the top of the bottom paper so it didn't sag on the cube. As you can see I added some funky ribbon that Debi sent me (Thank you Debi) that my daughter liked to her cube because I had used flowers, and other embellishments which caused the paper not to sit flush to the still looks cute, but I think a solid ribbon would work better for the effect I was trying to get.

Here is the link:

I hope you enjoy this project as I did.

Phil. 4:8-13
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Jewels said...

I love your cube! I'm featuring it on my CD Cube Carnival!