Saturday, November 15, 2008

My new favorite embellishment

So two weeks ago, I had to go to Portland to pick up our son who went out to IWU to visit his sister at college(Indiana Wesleyan University). I went a day early so I could visit with my brothers and also to go to Michaels and AC Moores. I was so excited because where I live, we do not have these wonderful craft stores where you want to stay for hours and just look at all the neat ideas and tools to make them with. So I bought a few things at each store...then I came home and started to play.
The next evening I was online and found this product called Flowersoft...I thought...hmmmm I should get some, it looks pretty neat. When it arrived, I thought it was different but really wasn't sure if I liked it...but then came the magic. I had to make a Christmas card really fast to be mailed in the morning and I had just purchased a Christmas tree stamp at our LSS "SCRAPS" (hi Bev, Lisa, love ya) and when I colored it, something was missing, it just didn't pop and I thought good time to try that new stuff I bought so I pulled it out, (mind you, it is 12:30 pm.) I put the glue down where I thought the Flowersoft should be and this is what happened to my card...I have to say...I loved it! Let me know what you think.


Clarice said...

What part was the Flowersoft on? The tree looks dimensional. It is a beautiful card.

dimahi59 said...

The tree is where I applied the flowersoft. The tree is a stamp, I colored it with watercolor pencils and then applied the Flowersoft. I tried flowersoft on colored cardstock, but didn't like it on there, but this I thought came out really cute.