Monday, January 12, 2009

January Page layout done with George Cart and Design Studio

Tonights class was so much fun. We had two new scrappers, they aren't actually new to scrapping but new to our class. It is so neat to see how each one chose their own papers and even though we basically made the same layout, they all turned out differently, either by how they layed out their design, or how they inked or chalked, or drew. I was so pleased with all of their pages...they sure do make me look good as the instructor.
Our first layout is from Bev Schools, this was her first night...and I think she had a great time and we enjoyed having her. Bev chose colors that really impressed us, because we never thought that it would look as good as it never would've been our pick for this page, but you be the judge. Great job Bev!


Our next layout was done by our veteran, Gloria Fitzpatrick. I had pulled out some of the papers I had, and this one caught her eye, she then started pulling out some of her stash of paper and this is the color scheme that she came up with. Great layout Gloria!


Tonight was Jane Fitzpatricks first night with us. I hope we didn't overwhelm her:) I think she did really well, her choice of colors were really impressive. Everyone liked her color scheme and she did a really nice job on her layout.


This is another veterans layout, Toni Hetherington's. She went on working while everyone else was picking up and came out with her own 2 page layout. Toni takes a lot of pictures of her little boy Chandler, who I must say is the most adorable little guy ever..I'm not predjudice or anything...I just watch him (I'm the babysitter) Toni's layout, we called it the "dirty" layout..she used the dark brown chalk to "pop" her edges. Nice job Toni.


Since we didn't have enough time to do our card for the night..we are going to be having a contest. Each person was given a card template and envelope, and they are to design a card "Thinking of You" which will be posted on my blog next week and the one who receives the most votes will win a little stamp set. I thought this would be fun to see what they come up with. So be watching to see what these girls create.

Tonights project was done using both Design Studio and the George Cartride, Pooh Cart, and Christmas Cheer. Also, the title was done in SCAL.

Next Thursday I will be giving a class on Design Studio for those who would like to attend. The cost is $10 for about a 2 hour class. If you have questions, please email me @ and I will make sure I have answers for you when you come that night. If you have DS on your laptops, you may want to bring them with you.

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