Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Magnolia Night

So our Monday night class wanted to make cards! Woohoo! I love cards. I think making cards and having a card available for when that special birthday comes along, or someone needs a little cheering up, you can reach into your stash and send a handmade card, how much the receiver appreciates it. So here are some of the cards that we made that night. Again, everyone did their own idea and colors, and they came out beautiful!!!!
Here's Bev's
Here's Toni's:

Here's Riley's: Yup he came back...he's great and very talented.

If you have a Criuct, here is the best tool for you to add, as this enables you to cut any true type font(ttf), most jpegs, bmps, pngs, dingbats etc.
It also allows you to weld giving you great opportunities to create fabulous layouts and cards. Just click on the link and get more information.

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