Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Catching Up

Oh my goodness, I couldn’t believe how long it has been since my last post. Life has really changed for us and our family. What started out being just a respite care for two little boys, has gone for almost a year now. We truly love these little guys and they have fit in nicely with our family…and so with that said, I also have to say, I’m not as young as I used to be, so getting time to sit and post layouts and tutorials etc, well, it has taken a back seat…but now that the boys are doing better and adjusting, I’m hoping to get caught up and get back doing what I love to do and that is scrapping and card making and sharing! So with that said here are some of the past layouts that I have done…hope you Enjoy.

Most of the layouts that I post have been created by Treasureboxdesigns, and my favorite software Make the Cut and my new favorite cutter the Zing.

My husand thinks my office looks like it could be a store, and he’s probably right…I have all the gizmos and gadgets and tons of paper…but I love to do Print and Cut, and so with the newest updates to Make the Cut, I do most of my layouts now by printing out all the pieces either using a color or texture palette.

On this Love to Dance Layout, I used rolled flowers that I created, and then I went online and looked at some online swirls cliparts and then I pixel traced them in Make the Cut, and then I used them for the swirls that you see in the layout. The title and the gray mats, and the ballerinas were all done with Print and Cut! I then added some red Tule to the ballerina to just give it a little more pop…sorry, I wasn’t able to get a good picture…the layout came out really cute.


Again, here is a camping layout…I believe I used the Scout pieces and then Happy Campers from Treasureboxdesigns, also using Print and Cut feature in Make the Cut.


Here is Slide into Winter layout…everything but the blue cardstock and white cardstock were done with Print and Cut…I love this layout and how I was able to adjust the colors of my snowflake paper (which is a digital online paper)  in the Make the Cut software to the shade of blue that I liked.


I saw this layout online and thought…hmmm I can make that…so I played with some basic shapes and the node editing tool and created my arms and beard…I also used my pen tool and did the mats…they are a little off…but I still liked it. I now know how to do the dash lines with the pen tool and then cut it with my Zing, so it will be perfect every time…Below is a short video tutorial on how I do it now.


I haven’t added my title to this layout, but I think it came out so stinkin cute…I love the little Elf on the Shelf from SVGcuts, I did him with print and cut so I wouldn’t have to cut out all those tiny pieces for his face, I then had to print two pieces for his outfit, one mirror imaged because of the folds, otherwise white would’ve shown when folding up his legs and his hat down. I wanna give a shout out to Renae, who did this layout with me, and she had added the snow in the window frame and I loved her layout that I had to include it in mine.


Again, this is a Back to School layout that we did last fall…I’m not one into doing bears, but these lil guys and girls were so cute. Everything but the back ground paper was done as Print and Cut using the Make the Cut software and my Zing…can you tell, I love to do it this way…saves so much time, and I don’t have to hunt for paper and waste paper or try to store pieces that are leftover.


Our area school hosts Spring Fling every year since I can remember, and so I saw this cut file from Treasureboxdesigns and just knew that I had to make this layout.


So that’s it for now…

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Thanks for the shout out! Nice blog.