Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby word book

This was an experiment using my new deep cut blade. One thing that I definitely learned is that your mat needs to be very sticky. I tried a Pazzle material mat, and oh yeah that was super sticky, but not made for chipboard. So in case you don't know what happened...well let's put it this way, the Pazzle mats are so sticky, that I could not remove the chipboard from the mat, so I had to throw it all away.
Next I tried putting some ZigZag on my mat. I waited about 20 minutes to half hour and then placed my chipboard on it...it stuck really well, and it cut beautifully. So this is just a rough book, cause my ink didn't dry and smudged and I was experimenting also with the Bind it All...Dan has a wonderful tutorial on his site and that helped a lot in making my book.
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