Sunday, March 15, 2009

Die cut of my son thanks to Susan Uncle

Here is a diecut of our son, thanks to Susan, who spent several hours doing this just for me. I shed many tears as I saw this cut come to life. This is one of the last pictures taken of our son by his brother as they went kayaking for the first time when they went to a camp with their dad. Thanks to Susan I have a diecut that I cherish. I can't wait for the tutorial so I can make many more and help my fellow scrappers make theirs.

Click on the link below to get the Surecutsalot program that you can use with your Cricut. You can now cut any true type fonts, and just about any jpeg, bmp file, as well as cliparts and dingbats. Save this link and check it out. I love this program and use it on almost all my cuts. This is the program that was used to make this cut possible.

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