Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Magnolia Mini Pizza Fudge Boxes

So one of my favorite Scrappers, ( I have to say that cause I babysit her little guy) just kidding, I love her dearly was doing a fundraiser for Make A Wish and so I wanted to donate a little something..although, they had so much, our community really pulled through and they raised over $1500 and will be doing a walk the end of May and will be looking for sponsors, so if you didn't get to participate in this one, maybe you can in the walk. Our son received a wish in his senior year, right after graduation and I'll tell you it was totally a dream come true...and there were times I could hardly keep the tears from coming as I saw him so enjoy his dream come true.

So here are my little Magnolia Mini Pizza boxes that I got either from Jen or someone else online, can't remember but when I do, I will give them credit. These sold right off, so I guess I should've made more. These can be made larger so that you could put cards inside for a nice gift.

If you own a Cricut, here is an excellent software that allows you to cut
any True Type font with your machine, as well as many cliparts can now be
traced within the program turning them into an svg format, this feature alone
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There are thousands of files out there for you to download for free or for a
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