Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cards my friend Norma made....oh I love her work!

Here are some cards that my really good friend made...she is a very talented lady...I think creativity is totally in her blood. I hadn't seen her for quite some time, and was so happy to see her at our last Scrapmania Weekend. She has gone through quite a lot in the past few years so I was more than happy to buy these beautiful cards from her...I am hoping she won't mind if I scraplift some of her ideas, but just like the ladies from my scrapbooking class, I will change it a little :) I hope you enjoy seeing her cards and maybe you too  will scraplift and make some. Love you Norma!

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1 comment:

Norma said...

I am more than happy to share for scraplifting!! What a nice treat to see my cards on your site. Thank YOU for putting them up here. This is one of my favorite card layouts - just love it.