Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas Elves

A couple of weeks ago, we tackled a paper piecing that had many little pieces…but the girls never waivered…they did such a great job. We did a few things that we hadn’t done before, like splitting a page so it was on both pages…we did this by splitting our tree in half as well as our star. We chalked all pieces and then glued them together. I find the easiest way to glue such small pieces is to use a Ziggy 2 way pen. As you can see the girls put their own little touches to these pages, I really like how they make them their own…I tease them a lot about not doing my layout, but it is nicer to see them use their creativity and make it theirs. I hope you enjoy this layout that my ladies, and our young girl did….be sure to leave comments.

elf layout elf layout 1

elf layout 2

I will try and get the rest of the layouts posted as soon as I get their pictures. I have a bad habit of forgetting to bring my camera, want to send a Big Thank You to Gail for taking pictures for me that night and sending them to me so I could post them.

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