Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hey everyone…are you all done shopping yet? We are almost done, I just have to get my baby girls presents, and hubby’s and then finished…I am working on a few projects for the mom’s I babysit for, and some friends…maybe even you…so I can’t post them yet, but hopefully after Christmas, I can post some pictures of my homemade gifts.

Here is an idea that someone shared in the Make the Cut gallery and I loved her idea, and she even shared the file, so all I had to do was modify for my Christmas gift…my oldest girl is a teacher in China and her special treat to herself is a trip to the nearest Starbucks, so I thought, she’s always collecting their cups, but this is one she can’t buy from them :) Please leave me a comment and let me know how you like this. I used car vinyl on her cup and as long as she hand washes it, it should last for a very long time! Enjoy!



BrownEyedSusan said...

Love, love your cup you made. You did a great job. I also read your email about your daughter surprising you and what a smile it brought to my face. I am sure you were soooo excited. I wish my son from Afghanistan would walk in the door right now. Have a wonderful and very merry CHRISTmas and enjoy your family. Hugs, Mendy

Photomama said...

Love this - question - What kind of vinyl did you use so that it would not wash off..And will it last thru a dishwasher?

dimahi59 said...

I used car vinyl on the mug...I would recommend handwashing only. Thank you for looking at my blog :)